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Dustin and Deidra White host Boots and Armchairs: A Treasure Hunters Podcast! On Boots and Armchairs, we discuss all kinds of treasure hunts from all over the world and the adventures along the way!

Aug 16, 2019

Hidden Secrets App is a brand new treasure hunt launching August 17th on Android and iOS.


The first adventure is a week-long event where treasure hunters will solve puzzles to discover the location of the hidden treasure (found digitally.)


This week Deidra and Dustin chat with one of the founders of Hidden Secrets App and get the lowdown on how the app works, what to expect when the game goes live, how the future campaigns will reward the winner with life-changing money ($100,000)!


The founder we speak with this episode, known as Mr. S. (he wishes to remain anonymous), provided us with five in-game codes to award 1,000 gold coins to five lucky listeners that'll help hunters by giving hints if you become stuck.

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